Release 1.8

The latest version of BackStream's Content Casting Center sports an improved user interface, and support for parallel message handling to multiple Cell Broadcast Centers.

General features

Scalable, robust and secure

BackStream's Content Casting Center is built around a scalable, robust and secure application server. The application server offers important features like support for XML, RSS, SOAP, XML-RPC and sports a fully programmable API.


The web-based user interface allows the management of messages, users, groups, rights, network and reporting wherever you are. This is especially important during emergency situations when the user interface must be reachable using any available PC or web terminal.

Application Server Provider ready

Commercial content providers who wish to license cell broadcast channels to multiple user groups can start right away with BackStream's Content Casting Center.

Serve multiple networks

A unique feature is the center's ability to handle multiple cell broadcast centers located at different mobile operators. This allows commercial content providers and governments to reach millions of people even when they are scattered around different mobile operators.

Tracking & Tracing

The Content Casting Center carefully tracks all messages flowing in and out of the system to the networks of multiple mobile operators. Full accountability is achieved via the center's comprehensive tracking & tracing capabilities.


The Content Casting Center is compatible with SSL, IPsec and encrypted VPN connections.

Application Programming Interface

BackStream's Content Casting Center offers the industry's most advanced and extensive API for developing custom cell broadcast applications.

Release 1.8 feature highlights

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