Citizen Alerting Server

Whether you are responsible for alerting citizens nationwide or citywide, the capability to send text messages to mobile phones is becoming more important every day.

BackStream's Citizen Alerting Server uses proven and accepted GSM technology called Cell Broadcast to deliver text messages to mobile phones. Instead of having to preregister telephone numbers, Cell Broadcast simply puts a "cloud" of messages over a designated area. Every mobile phone switched on for reception of cell broadcasts will receive the message instantly.

While sending text messages to millions of handsets via SMS takes hours, Cell Broadcast messages reach all mobile phones nationwide in a matter of minutes.

Possible use cases for the Citizen Alerting Server are:

Contact us for details on the Citizen Alerting Server and how it can provide a unique communications channel to your citizens.

Cell Broadcast works with every mobile phone

Using Cell Broadcast for day-to-day information educates citizens to leave Cell Broadcast always on