Handset applications

Below you will find a selection of handset applications BackStream can offer to commercial companies and governments:

Support for all phones

Since most handsets are capable of receiving Cell Broadcast messages you are able to reach almost any mobile phone in use today.

This makes Cell Broadcast an interesting channel for local weather information, news, traffic information, and horoscopes, topics with universal interest.

Revenues are created by charging for detailed information returned by premium SMS.


Small, downloadable applications can turn most handsets into exiting chat boxes.

Revenues can be made from paid access to the on-line chat forum, SMS replies and advertising.

Contact BackStream to discuss the possibilities to combine on-line chat boxes and television chat streamers with Cell Broadcast technology.

Boost GPRS/UMTS traffic

Idle time applications can boost GPRS and UMTS usage.

Using Cell Broadcast your subscribers can enjoy free streaming headlines while being able to retrieve the full story via GPRS or UMTS.

BackStream's Content Casting Center connects to RSS feeds and major newswires like Reuters, DPA and AFP.

BackStream also builds custom news readers tailored to your needs.

Closed User Groups

Most handsets offer the possibility to install custom software, either on the SIM or running on the device itself.

By encrypting data sent via Cell Broadcast to handsets equipped with secure Closed User Group software, companies can introduce exciting new ways to inform, update or warn their employees.

Contact BackStream to discuss the possibilities to connect existing industrial monitoring systems to the BackStream Content Casting Center.


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