What does BackStream do?

BackStream creates and delivers turnkey cell broadcast solutions for mobile operators and governments. Cell Broadcast allows millions of people to be reached in minutes making it an exciting new way to inform and entertain customers or to alert and warn citizens.

Why BackStream?

Companies and governments are always looking for ways to improve customer interaction, reduce costs and increase client satisfaction. BackStream provides solutions to meet these objectives.

BackStream has over ten years experience in creating mobile solutions and web content management systems. This expertise is backed by a solid R&D program that delivers a continuous stream of new ideas and technologies that can be used in innovative marketing, sales and support IT projects.

Who uses it?

BackStream's solutions are used by Amstel, ANWB, Campina, Etisalat, Heineken, Hyundai, Safaricom, Telematica Inst, Mazda, Vodafone and many others.